As a rescue, FairyDogMother is committed to assisting shelters in need byhelping place dogs and puppies at risk of euthanasia due to overcrowding. We work with various high-kill shelters where they work vigilantly to give these animals a chance at a good life. We will also assist any local shelters that have need as well. We are now working with rescues overseas ,Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain..These overseas rescues are desperatley needing help. Many of the dogs are abandoned, abused and unfortunatly tortured at times..We believe a life is a life no matter from where they come from and we are pleased to help and these rescues are so grateful.  All of our dogs follow a strict quarantine protocol as set up by the state veterinarian. They then spend additional time with our families so we can make the best placements for your family and home.

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